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Made in Italy is now recognised worldwide, it is a global term used for all Italian productions and services. Our website Made in Italy has been created for the reason that we are proud of our country and committed to the international recognition. We are a young team that are aware of the latest economic changes and are knowledgeable of the opportunities that Italy can offer.  Therefore we are still looking at the everyday news in Italy and selecting the best Italian companies which are taking part in the economic growth and its development .


Made in Italy website is understood as a showcase between the demands and offers so that it can  make easier information and communication from Italy to abroad. As a non profit website, you are free to submit Italian companies like a web to print, news or job offers that could fit our objectives because we are always committed to improve and provide the best information on Italy. Understanding the culture also means understanding the economy. We are confident about the economic potential that Italy has to offer and its ‘Dolce Vita’ that we want to create opportunities for anybody who is planning to move to Italy for work or for simply just leisure. 

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Brake Caliper Manufacturer
Golinelli Loris
Golinelli Loris has many years experience in manufacturing and selling of Brake Calipers, Brake Pads and Brake Spare Parts for Forklift, Vintage Cars, Off-Road Car and Trucks.

Brake Calipers and Wheel Cylinders Manufacturer

Visit the website http://www.golinelliloris.com/en/