Ferrari Market Growth

Ferrari has reached a turnover of €266million with more than 6400 new cars sales in 2008 despite the fall in the value of the dollar. The Italian car maker is definitely not concerned by the financial crisis  and forecasts a net increase, up to 10000 sales cars by 2010.



With 2800 employees, Ferrari sold last year more than 6500 cars in 52 different countries. USA represents the most important market with 1600 car sales, then comes Germany and the UK where sales volumes are decreasing this year. Over 1000 cars were sold in the Asia Pacific region which presents excellent sales opportunities for the next years.


Renowned for famous racing cars, buyers are really increasing each year and are now putting in the Ferrari Waiting list. Average waiting time is about two years for answering to the worldwide demands due to the demand growth from the Asian and middle eastern countries. As a result, Ferrari is going to inaugurate its first theme park in the United Arab Emirates what will likely attract new buyers but increase the waiting list.

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