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Made in Italy for Christmas

Not only Italy, but also the US and many European Countries will buy Made in Italy products for Christmas gifts and parties.

The most evident example of the high value of Made in Italy is fashion: in New York, particularly in Madison Avenue, heart of luxury shopping, the Made in Italy would become protagonist of a two-week campaign for defending and promoting the Italian high fashion.

More than 30 Italian high-fashion companies will join this promotional campaign called " If you speak fashion, you speak Italian", and American customers really seem to appreciate it, especially for Christmas shopping. 



In addition to fashion, Italy is mostly appreciated for food. Made in Italy food products will dominate world Christmas' tables this year, Coldiretti has esteemed. Americans, British and Germans prefer Panettone and Spumante to every other Christmas product, but they also purchase traditional products such as cold cuts, wine and cheeses.This year for the first time, Italian Spumante will beat French Champagne in export volumes terms.

This tendency is confirmed by Italian consumption choices: three Italians out of four would eat and give as a gift Italian products. However, Coldiretti warns costumers to read the label and to pay attention to fasifications, which are very common for Italian food as for every Made in Italy high-quality product.



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