Renewable Energy in Italy

Italy is not self sufficient in energy and it results consequently the importance of promoting alternative sources of energy to face the  political and economic risks due to the lack of gas and oil resources. Italy is well  known for its advanced industries and has started therefore to invest in the development of renewable sources of energy such as in the development of renewable sources of energy.

Local administrations have already introduced the installation of windmills  especially in the South of Italy. At the moment, renewable energy represents only the 6.5% of the total energy demand but this rate is expected to increase in a next future and forecasts present an excellent growth opportunity for windmills equipment in the country. Only the higher cost per kWh represent the main limitation the increased use of renewable sources of energy

Renewable energy brings not only environmental benefits but also improved living standards to a city by bringing economic benefits. The Pioneer of this technology in Italy is Varese, a small town with 2400 inhabitants, in the northern part, where 140 jobs have been created for the project development. The town is experiencing an amazing economic boom the past ten years thanks to the renewable technologies and is expecting to growth up.


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