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Italian New Year’s celebration

Why not planning new year in Italy? You will meet a warming culture and a lot of spectacles for the New year’s Eve. Italian people love festivals at the end of the year. After a good meal, a huge midnight fireworks displays celebrate the coming of the new year in the most of Italian cities, often on the biggest squares, where pop and rock bands will play for hours to make you dance all night. Naples is one the famous city for New Year’s Eve because of its biggest New Year’s fireworks displays in Italy but famous cities for New Year are also Venice, Bologna, Roma o Milano. 



In the South you may assist to a different tradition for celebrating the new year : the old custom is throwing your old things out the window to symbolise the end of the year and to get into the new year. So you will have different ways to enjoy your new year in Italy and obviously taste their traditional drink at midnight the Prosecco  or Spumante, a spakling white wine. For Food speciality, at home as at the restaurant you will taste the popular meal for the event. Traditionally, Italians have for the new year’s Eve a zampone, stuffed pig's trotter. So don’t be afraid and try it ! 

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