Manufacturing Sector

The new challenges for manufacturing sector

The Italian economy is essentially based on the processing and manufacturing goods. With land unsuited for farming, Italy is a food importer and also constitutes an important  natural resources importer, because more than 80% of the country’s energy are imported. The country owns natural gas reserves which is the most important mineral resource  for the country, though.

The success of Italian economy is small and medium-sized family-owned firms which offer  precision machinery, motor vehicles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electric goods, and fashion and clothing. However the manufacturing export sector is threatened by the competition with Asia in low low-technology strongholds. Italian companies are starting to fight back applying new politics measures and communication strategies for restructuring of Italy's productive system.


Improved performance has been seen across all sectors, including traditional ones and we can notice now and evaluate the success of companies by their strategies based on quality and niche markets.  That gives productivity gains, skilled workers and size.

Let’s see now how small companies will undergo the financial crisis and the capacity to come out with it.

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