Venice Art Biennale

It has opened 4th June the 54th International Exhibition with the title of "ILLUMInazioni". The exhibition, directed by art historian Bice Curiger, wants establish an intensive interaction with people who look a work of art and defy convention.
The 54th International Exhibition  is a great forum for the dissemination and illumination of current developments in international art, to represent the state of art in the world.
As last years, the Exhibition is formed by 88 National Participations, a record for Biennale Arte that counted 77 in 2009. It is situated in the Pavilions in the Giardini, in the Arsenale and in other place of city. The countries which take part for the first time are Andorra, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Haiti.

The title "ILLUMInazioni", in addition to the call to light, is a classic theme in art closely related to Venice, contains within it the suffix "nations", understood as the possibility for art to experiment with new forms of "community", to negotiate differences and similarities in a new and exemplary for the future. Inside the exhibition lighting was also added a great artist of the past, Tintoretto, present at the Italian Pavilion in three emblematic works of experimentation and originality of its production. Contemporary artists invited to participate were asked to do more or less reference to the art of Tintoretto, in the light of his paintings or other art of the past.



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