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New Collection by Giorgio Armani

New Spring Collection 2009


Giorgio Armani, the famous Italian fashion designer, presents  Spring/Summer 2009 women’s collection. A new fashion style brings a new concept to women's dressing, designed to fit the demands of everyday life : sophisticated, confident and a little quirky. 


New Spring Collection Armani

The Armani style wants to make  a powerful woman who knows who she is and where she is going. Armani's designs have renewed the contemporary fashion in business, entertainment and the fashion industry itself.


Giorgio Armani is leading an important business in the clothes industry with his self-named brand of clothing. That can be surprising now if you think that originally Armani planned on studying medicine...


Our Italian designer offers not only expensive clothing lines dedicated to the richest people but also a line of less expensive clothing thanks to its understanding of branding power. As a result, Giorgio Armani has earned millions and boasts an international recognition in the fashion worlds.



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